Trainer: Todd Pudvar

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Todd Pudvar

Todd Pudvar has been working with his hands for over 30 years. One of his earliest working memories is doing siding replacement in his neighborhood at about age 14. Growing up in a family business that installed and maintained swimming pools (his dad still does), Todd brings a remarkably diverse skill set to the table as a paint industry trainer. Something of a savant in “how things work”, Todd is also a master in the balance of quality and production in both interior and exterior painting.

Todd spent 20 years in public education as a Spanish teacher in high schools in Vermont and Colorado. His love for nature is infectious, and as a result of that, he has led hundreds of students on domestic and international adventures to explore culture and diversity in all manner of natural settings.

A founding member of Topcoat Finishes, Inc., an industry leading east coast based paint contracting company, Todd has been in the painting business for 17 years and currently holds the position of Operations Manager at Topcoat. In this capacity, Todd leads hiring and interviewing, training and managing the paint crew, estimating, selling and scheduling all projects. He is highly visible in his field test capacity for the company’s tool review program as well.

A natural leader and team builder, Todd’s motto is “find the fun” in anything you do.

Todd is currently restoring a 100 year old Victorian home in which his family lives. In his spare time, he enjoys flyfishing (builds his own rods), snowboarding, mountain climbing, kayaking and mountain biking. Anyone who has met Todd will tell you that his energy is viral and that he is without doubt the youngest 40-something finish freak on the planet.

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