The Trainers

trainerTodd Pudvar and Scott Burt design the curriculum for Prep to Finish Training, and they teach it. With a combined 24 years of high school classroom teaching experience, and a half century of mastering multiple finish disciplines, it is natural for Todd and Scott to create successful learning outcomes for people who study the paint business. The PtF Team commits much energy to product/tool testing and sharing reviews in print and online publication.

Any contractor who has ever spoken with Todd or Scott will confirm that they are particularly obsessed with ideal production/quality balance using the most efficient new technologies in the paint industry. And they are able to demonstrate many models of the production/quality balance with different combinations of tools and products depending on the task focus.


Todd and Scott consider it their mission to teach easier and more fun ways to complete routine (and advanced) paint tasks.

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Todd Pudvar

Vermont Painting Contractor

Scott Burt