Production Time: The Art of the 6 Hour Strategic Strike

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When Time Flies

Work lessAnother summer is racing to its inevitable conclusion as we all push through the fall season to wrap up projects. This always makes me reflect on the concept of time. I think about how we use time, how we make time and, of course, how we lose time.

The most general observation I find myself making every year during the hustle and bustle is that during the summer season, time flies. It goes by really fast when there is a ton of work and we have both interior and exterior painting options available to us.

Its never a problem of finding enough work. It is a challenge of getting it all done…without work dominating every waking moment and thought in our lives during peak season. It is most difficult to unplug and step away when times are busy. Everyone can reach us by so many different methods.

That is where discipline comes in. The discipline of time management and preserving our personal lives when our professional lives are going crazy. For me, it has been a matter of retraining myself to not look at my phone several times every hour. It is pretty easy to become slaves to our phones, because they have everything in them these days. They are the digital extension of our heads.

It Always Comes Down to Two Things

Whether your company is large or small, it is always a scramble at the end of exterior season to make sure that projects are either done or at least left in a reasonable state of partial completion when the weather shuts things down for the year.

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