How We Spent our Summer Vacation – Prep to Finish Training for Painters

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Prep to Finish Training Update

Ok, it wasn’t much of a vacation, as we are busy paint contractors.

But we did successfully complete a couple of some critical summer initiatives for our Prep to Finish Training Program.

prep to finish training

Todd being interviewed during Graco video shoot.

First, we teamed with Graco, our Full Program Sprayer Sponsor, to launch a new instructional video series. In the first round of video shooting, we created two videos on how to complete typical small projects with handheld cordless sprayers. We recently completed a second round of shooting, so stay tuned for future videos in this series. So far, it has been quite popular.


Scott and Sedge bat training ideas around on the spray shop floor.

Second, we hosted Festool Trainer Brian Sedgeley for a week of what we call “reciprocal training”, where the trainers train the trainers in their areas of expertise. We trained Brian in the shop on HVLP spraying in both paint and clear grade applications. Then, Brian trained us in the shop on super high grit polishing techniques. Finally, we took Brian into the field for some real world low grit rough sanding. Working side by side with Brian in the field allowed us to pick up some counter intuitive Festool sanding techniques that have since made our rough removal sanding program much more efficient. We will be sharing all of this in our vocational and contractor workshops in 2014 through the Prep to Finish Training Program.

Third, we are very close to announcing a new partnership with a Full Program Sponsor for the Paint component of Prep to Finish. We had been running the paint portion of the program with Topcoat as our Interim Sponsor for that category. We took our time in discussions and negotiations with paint manufacturers to partner with for the training program, and we believe we have found the best match for the long term. So, stay tuned for that announcement, which will be coming soon.

Finally, in December we will announce workshop dates for in house Private Contractor Training in our own legendary Vermont facilities. Any contractors or craftspeople in finish related industries will have the opportunity to come into our production and spray shops to learn more efficient ways of building finishes, with a particular emphasis on the most current waterborne technologies. That update will be finalized in the next couple of weeks. We already have a waiting list of interested contractors, so if you would like to be added to the list, please let us know by commenting below or using the Contact form to get directly in touch with us. Spaces will be limited, so don’t delay.

[Check out Workshop Course Outlines for our Private Contractor Training Series!]


Prep to Finish hits the Industry Show Circuit in March.

Also, we will once again be teaming with our Full Program Prep Sponsor, Festool, to hit the road in March for the Trade Show season. We will be joining Festool in their booth at the PDCA national show in Reno, and also at the gigantic JLC Live event in Providence. This will be our third go round at both shows, and we look forward to face time with contractors at both events!



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