Prep to Finish PTF-001: Intro to Painting

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PTF-001 Intro to Painting : Failure to Adapt is No Excuse

vocational paint training

Brush skills.

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This Prep to Finish workshop is open to finishers of all types: painters, remodelers, woodworkers, cabinet finishers and hobbyists.

The focus is on clean, efficient and safe work methods and efficient habits through hands on tasks using the most current paint products, prep tools and sprayers in the field.

Participants will learn to “follow the paint” to better understand:

  • Dustless sanding and HEPA extraction
  • Abrasives, fillers and prep tool selection
  • Defining the new waterborne and oil-modified technologies
  • Brush selection and techniques best suited for waterborne finishes
  • Why primer still counts as a coat
  • Discovering the “wet edge” and keeping it
  • How to build a proper three coat system using waterbornes
  • Basic spraying of waterborne finishes using the most current spray technology in the field

Participants will engage in hands on training using Festool sanders and extractors, premium waterborne primers and paints and Graco spray systems.

This workshop will be available in both 1 and 2 day formats and is the “soup to nuts” for all painters, woodworkers, remodelers and hobbyists.

There are currently no dates set for this class in 2016, but be the first to know by using the link below:

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Scott Burt is a paint contractor, writer and paint trainer from Vermont. He writes for American Painting Contractor magazine,, and is a featured blogger at JLCOnline.

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  1. glenn says:

    hey guys, found your site and love it.. I’m in australia so wouldnt be able to undertake any training with you guys but would love to have the opportunity to by dvds of your training ? would this be possible? love to hear about your concepts and ideas. I’m 29 years of age and been painting NC since 15 with my father so love what i do and love learning new techniques

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