Prep to Finish Opens Online Paint Training Center

| December 21, 2016 | 2 Comments

paint trainingOnline Training Center for Painters

Prep to finish has launched a new online resource to make paint training easier and more accessible for professionals. offers paint training classes taught by P2F trainers, Todd Pudvar and Scott Burt. The first class is called Airless and Air Assisted Spraying and starts on January 9, 2017.

“This spray class is for pros who use airless or air assisted technologies at any level,” says trainer Todd Pudvar.

Prep to Finish has taken their well-established curriculum from many years of live training clinics and overhauled it to better suit the busy lifestyle of today’s painters and paint companies.

Paint training for professionals needs to be more convenient and cost effective. We live in a world where everyone relies on digital devices to acquire and retain the information that they need. There is no reason that pro painters can’t train online, other than the simple fact that it hasn’t been done previously.

paint training

The P2F Online Training Center will archive video based classes in a variety of paint disciplines – including spraying, basic skills and Festool prep for painters.

The classes are video-based, with brand new instructional materials in every lesson, supported by downloadable resources, charts and checklists that you can plug into your company.

And it is important to note that these classes are not webinars or live feeds that you have to schedule…they are privately archived and you can access the lessons at your own convenience and pace.

Scott holds a Master’s Degree in Education and taught for five years, and Todd taught in high schools for 22 years. We love the challenge of drawing from our educational backgrounds to build new programs for the paint industry. It’s what Prep to Finish does.

P2F believes in active learning, with the philosophy that for learning to occur, some action has to take place.

This is the step that’s missing in the popularity of live video broadcasts, or Youtube surfing, says Todd, there is a big difference between online entertainment, which is a passive activity, compared to active learning with measurable assessment and accountability. That is what it takes to truly implement.

paint trainingPrep to Finish is entering its sixth year of operation. It’s flagship program is the legendary work that Scott and Todd do with vocational and technical schools to teach students about painting and employment opportunities in the field.

Contractor Training is the other half of P2F’s mission, the company has appeared at most every major paint and remodeling industry event in the country over the past few years.

What paint contractors need the most help with is implementation – for field based training. They need the nuts and bolts, and the tools to twist them with. That is what the Online Training Center is geared for…actionable concepts and resources, with on-going support from the P2F team.

The Online Training Center has been in development for nearly two years. Beta testers have scrubbed down each lesson and resource as well as site navigation and general functionality, making sure that the process is smooth and convenient for users.

We invite you to visit the Online Training Center. You can sign up for the Jan 9 spray class here:

paint training


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