Prep to Finish PTF-003: HVLP

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PTF-003 HVLP: Not a High Pressure situation

Prep to Finish

All about HVLP…

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This hands-on Prep to Finish HVLP (high velocity low pressure) workshop takes away all the mystery and stress related to cup and gravity style turbine HVLP spraying systems.

HVLP makes it easy to set up, easy to spray and easy to clean up. Participants will be shown how to plug in efficient habits and master the HVLP process from start to finish.

Including How To:

  • Set up HVLP sprayer
  • Make proper tip selection based on material
  • Properly prepare work surfaces for finish
  • Create the ideal environment and conditions
  • Reach the correct settings on turbine and gun
  • Properly reduce and atomize material
  • Clean up and store sprayer

Topics of discussion will include the benefits of HVLP spraying, paint transfer efficiency, controlling bounce back and over spray, materials selection and when to choose HVLP.  A great follow up workshop for Spray Tech 101

(Basic spray knowledge recommended but not required).

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