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Paintertrainer.com Spray Class Helping Painters Train!

The new Prep to Finish Online Training Center at paintertrainer.com opened on January 9, 2017. The Airless & Air Assisted Spray Class is now open.


Student demonstration from Lesson 2.

The class consists of three lessons featuring video demonstrations supported by downloadable resources. This curriculum is designed for implementation into paint companies right away. It is exciting to have painters from all over America, as well as some from Canada and England. It is an international training center!

Paintertrainer.com makes training convenient. There are no scheduled time requirements, all resources are archived and available 24/7. Trainees complete one lesson, and then move on to the next.

P2F trainer Todd Pudvar leads the lessons by providing daily feedback, assessment and accountability in a way that is fun and motivational.

What Are Painters Learning in the Spray Class?

paintertrainer.comLesson one looks at all the critical parts of a sprayer…highlighting the journey of paint through a machine from the downtube to the gun tip. Trainees are required to break their machine down and put it back together.

In Lesson 2,  students put the new knowledge to work as they learn best practice for habits and techniques in vertical and horizontal spraying situations.

Then, we break down cleaning and maintenance into essential steps to create predictability and consistency in the use of a sprayer.

Lesson 3 goes deep into types of gun tips. The class then explores the fine finishing realm with discussion and demonstration of flat tip spraying in clear finishes for cabinet grade work.

paintertrainer.comBuilding a New Generation of Paint Trainers

Trainees are actively learning in every lesson. Every day, painters demonstrate to us that they are processing and applying the information that they are learning.

Painters who complete this course are well on their way to implementing a proper spray program into their company.

This empowers the painters to teach their co-workers how it all needs to go. We call this #trainthetrainer because painters learn best when they are doing it and teaching others how.

Learn more at the Online Training Center.

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