Painter Training Tips: The Basic 5

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Help yourself to some painter training tips in this video from a recent workshop Prep to Finish held onsite with technical students in Essex Vt.

Simple Painter Training Tips

Early in the video, you will see the 5 habits (or competencies) that we set as goals for any basic training we do with students.

Surprisingly, teenaged students often excel in these competencies quicker and more easily than their older training counterparts. It can be more difficult for a painter with 20-30 years of experience to know what he doesn’t know. Whereas inexperienced painter candidates have no developed habits to overcome.

We continue to focus on the challenges of:

A couple more quick painter training tips…we (and many others) have long advised contractors to “hire for attitude, train for skills”. It sounds so easy to say. We acknowledge that it is a challenge to find people with strong work ethics sometimes, but you can’t give up.

Habits Are Only as Good as the Painter Breaking Them

painter training tips

Educate about tools. Demonstrate processes.

More importantly, if you do find them, you HAVE to train them. And it IS possible. The students in the above video are high school aged and they work hard in a technical program that is very well taught.

None of them had painted before. Literally, we suit them up and teach them based on the Basic 5 Habits listed in the video.

Company training is not always easy for contractors. You need to know how to do it, and you need to actually DO it. It takes time and resources.

Contractors usually kind of “know” what they “should” be doing in the key areas of hiring and training, but they don’t have the time or discipline to actually implement and oversee doing it properly.

Prep to Finish is very excited for 2017, as we will be rolling out some new ways to connect all of these dots.

We hope that you have found our painter training tips to be helpful.

Which of the Basic 5 do your paint crews struggle with most? Please share in the comments section…



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