Learning Skills Overview

Prep to Finish has two sets of training curriculum, with some crossover. One is geared to high school aged vocational/technical students, and the other is designed for contractors (painters, remodelers, woodworkers, carpenters, cabinet finishers, etc.).

We enjoy intensive communication with finish aficionados from all over the world through our live industry appearances, and our innovative online programs and publication writing. This helps us to generate fresh and relevant training content, derived in many cases from FAQ’s we receive.

Paint Contractor Clinic Topics include:

  • follow the paint: change that, change everything
  • the shift to completely waterborne prep, prime and paint systems
  • best products and processes for efficiency
  • eliminating the great time suck of hand sanding
  • equipment investments that pay for themselves and become profitable quickly in business
  • prep sequence acceleration leading to most efficient finish strategies
  • small task sprayer and finish selection to maximize profits

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We were early adapters of waterborne platforms and have made the entire paradigm shift to technologies that maximize efficiency and profits in the new generation of paint products and tools. It begins with waterborne primers/paints, and everything else follows suit: fillers, abrasives, caulking, brushes, roller covers, sprayers, tips, filters and strainers. Included in our curriculum learning outcomes are the work habits required to master product and tool technology combinations for efficiency. Contractors should settle for nothing less than squeezing 12 hours of production out of an 8 hour workday. Every day.

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Vocational Program Workshops include:

  • education about career opportunities in the paint trade
  • skills, knowledge and attitudes required for entry into paint industry employment
  • hands on experience in typical prep and finish tasks
  • the opportunity to integrate learning into projects they are doing in their program
  • unlimited post-workshop support online through this site
As educators, the student based vocational workshop series resonates with us. As paint contractors, our industry faces an all-time low in young, skilled talent entering the paint workforce. At the same time, students graduating from vocational programs face difficulties in connecting with professional employment opportunities. The vocational workshop series seeks to bridge that gap through education. The “career appeal” of painting is down. If kids are prepared with basic skill sets, an understanding of paint craftsmanship and the value of good, hard work, they can find career opportunities and succeed in paint related fields.