How to Convert a Graco G40 from RAC to Flat Tip

| February 5, 2016 | 1 Comment

One of the most common questions we get about air assisted spraying is how to convert a Graco G40 from RAC to flat tip. In this video, Todd runs you through how to improve an already great gun set up from stock airless style reversible tip to more of an HVLP experience.

Graco G40 Flat Tip Conversion Kit Part # 288514 / Available through Sherwin Williams

how to convert a graco g40

Conversion Steps:

  • Remove RAC tip and diffuser housing
  • Install high pressure diffuser
  • Install fan width control valve
  • Install flat tip and air cap assembly

Additionally, we are sharing a great diagram from the manufacturer to further assist you in understanding how to convert a Graco G40 from RAC to the softer fan pattern of the flat tip.

Here is the Graco diagram, with steps for the conversion.

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Please leave us your questions or feedback and happy flat tipping!


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    Good day, my name is Season Hall. I am so amazed and pleased of all the information given on this website. I am a professional painter for eleven years. i never used a sprayer. i was taught only using brush and roller. Can you please send/give me more information on any upcoming classes. Especially in Philadelphia. what would be the best airless sprayers for beginners? Please help me. Thank you.

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