P2F to Run Graco GX19 in Select ’16 Workshops

| January 22, 2016 | 8 Comments

Graco GX19Graco GX19 Balances Quality and Production

Prep to Finish is adding the Graco GX19 to its traveling lineup for 2016. This new hopper style unit is Graco’s latest addition to it’s legendary Finish Pro line.

[Update! Read our Full Review: Graco GX 19]

For years, P2F has travelled and trained with the Finish Pro 395 air assisted and the HVLP 9.5 Turboforce for all hands-on workshops.

Because of its size and versatility, the GX19 will be filling in some of the situations where the 395 is overkill production needs exceed HVLP.

Trainer Todd Pudvar describes the Graco GX19 as a sprayer option that had been missing until now:

The GX19 definitely fills a gap that is in the spray technology world right now – between the bigger production rigs we use, and the smaller HVLP style systems. Getting a fine finish into more of a skid style platform is a great option. 

Graco has set up the GX with the Pro Connect System in a value driven package. Having the ability to swap the pumps out on site with no tools can make the difference between staying profitable on the job or painting for free, which no one likes to do.

The unit makes a nice finish at a low price, with the ability to spray up to a gallon and a half at a time, with a hopper. The GX is compact, portable, easy to use and clean. That’s what we look for on our jobs and when we go on the road to do Prep to Finish clinics and workshops. Customers like to see tight efficiency, and this unit definitely represents that…

Graco GX19

After months in the shop and field with the GX19, P2F will now take it out to training events.

Prep to Finish has been running the Graco GX19 on projects since mid-2015, in advance of its launch in America. Look for more detailed information about the sprayer and how it works, as well as more in depth action footage and commentary from us in the near future.

And if you are planning to attend one of our hands on workshops in 2016, there is a very good chance you will get to run the Graco GX19 and gain some knowledge about how it works and where it fits into the grand scheme of spraying.


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  1. anthony says:

    I was wondering if the finish quality is comparable to a hvlp when shooting lacquer on cabinets and wood doors, I feel like I do not do enough to justify spending 2500$ on a air assisted rig, I have not seen one of these units and currently run a 5 year old 4900 with a compressor on board for a 2 quart cup, I love my graco and to not want to switch, I know others company’s might be as good buy my experience with graco equipment has been great, but my compressor on my hvlp has died and I I love the airless idea less to worry about malfunctioning.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Anthony, we haven’t shot lacquer through it (yet), but have done a fair amount of waterborne clear which is similar viscosity and the results have been great. Probably worth checking out as an option.

    • Juan says:

      It is different to an hlvp however it gives you a great finish I know some guys use it with laquer however for solvents and fine finis the Titan ED655 works better and you can get it cheaper. I have the Graco gx19 it works great but I don’t like the container because when paint starts to get dy paint I think it will give problems clogging it. I wish they sell a hose to adapt it and use it to feed the line 😕

  2. greg says:

    Any discount prices gx19

  3. Aaron says:

    This new GX 19 unit seems to be a great idea, I just have two reservations on buying one over a 395: Number 1 being the lack of Smart Control.
    Does this unit suffer from pressure fluctuations because of the lack of this feature? Or has this problem been engineered out of the machine some other way, considering that it’s a new design?

    Also, is the motor a tried and tested unit from another, previous Graco model?

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hi Aaron, very good questions. We have not seen fluctuations or dead zones in the power band of the GX19 yet. That said, we haven’t run nearly as many gallons through it yet as we have our Finish Pro rigs with the Smart Control onboard. If budget allows, a Finish Pro with Smart Control is the best way to guarantee that it won’t happen, as that is exactly what that feature does, and flawlessly. To your second question, our understanding is that the GX motor is based heavily on the long standing 295 history, which is a reliable tried and true power plant. Overall, the decision between the GX and a Finish Pro would be based on the quantities you spray most. The FPII is hard to beat as the best all around unit for any type of work, and with the least amount of overspray (which translates over time to less product waste). Let us know if you explore the comparison further, would enjoy hearing what you find works best for you. Thanks for commenting.

      • Mike says:

        Hey Scott,are you a rep for graco and if so I have a question for you ,I have an airless,and a air assist,what niche could the go 19 fulfill

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