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| October 20, 2012 | 1 Comment

Prep to Finish offers private training to contractors and other finish enthusiasts at its Vermont facilities. With an entire curriculum specific to adult learning, these courses accommodate group sizes from 6-10. Individual sessions can also be arranged.

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Scott Burt is a paint contractor, writer and paint trainer from Vermont. He writes for American Painting Contractor magazine,, and is a featured blogger at JLCOnline.

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  1. Kurt Schwarz says:

    What a great class! I took the Feb2014 spray course just recently and found the course to be very productive. I travelled about 6 hrs hoping this course would be worth my while, and I was not let down at all. The curriculum and the instructors I found to be very organized and informative. Whether you are an experienced sprayer or intro level sprayer this course is great. I found this opportunity to learn about refining my spray techniques, imperative maintenance practices, and some trade knowledge passed along the way. I will definitely be sending employees to future classes and even attending again myself. I would strongly support a 2 day course program. I agree that your machine is only as good as the maintenance kept up on it. That being said I would support more time spent on educating students how to clean and why. Also maybe take more time individually with each student to really refine their spray techniques (correct position/angle of gun, when to trigger on and off, how to analyze your work before moving to drying racks). Excellent class, fantastic program and even better instructors! Not only did I learn some things about the trade, I learned some crucial lessons in my business too. Thanks Scott and Todd! It was a pleasure, I look forward to seeing you guys next year.

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