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We are beyond excited to introduce Sherwin Williams as the official paint sponsor of the 2014 Prep to Finish Vocational/Technical School Paint Training Program.

This announcement comes right on the heels of Prep to Finish’s first anniversary.

What a year it has been.

And this has actually been in concept for three years.

By way of review, we spent all of 2012 deeply researching paint industry education, studying viability, and building a curriculum that did not previously exist within public high school Building Trades education.

In 2013, we rolled out a Pilot Program with the goal of bridging that gap, and it was met with immense enthusiasm by all of the public vocational programs that we reached out to. We selected three programs to work in depth with to fine tune and expand our initial curriculum.

In 2014, we take it to the next level.

Prep to Finish was fortunate to have the support and assistance of our charter sponsors, Festool and Graco, during the development and launch phases of the program. Oddly, we could not decide what to do about a relationship with a paint manufacturer for the program. We talked to several. Some just wanted their name on it. Others wanted to own it. Others told us it couldn’t be done.

Like most good painters, we love to hear that.

And, when in doubt, we do nothing.

Who Was the 2013 PtF Paint Sponsor?

Our stance from the get go was that if we could not find the right fit for a partnership with a paint manufacturer, we were prepared to commit our own resources to carry the paint portion of the program until the right match became apparent.

That is exactly what we did.

We would do the same thing over again, because most important to us was (and still is) that any corporate sponsorship involved with PtF be involved for the right reasons.

What are the Right Reasons?

Very simple.

Introducing today’s paint industry to youth who are considering entering the building trades.

This serves two purposes:

  1. It helps to build a workforce for the future of our industry.
  2. It helps kids to have more diverse skill sets as they begin to seek employment in the trades.

It helps. That is it. That is what our vocational/technical paint education program does – really well, and it is just getting its full head of steam.

prep to finish sponsorAfter discussions, and downright negotiations, with multiple paint manufacturers in 2013, Sherwin Williams emerged as the best choice for a number of reasons. They are a healthy, well run company with a demonstrated commitment to education and to the paint industry. They believe in what we are doing, and they want to be involved. Like us, they are passionate about the reality that PtF is a good idea whose time has come.

Those are the right reasons.

And we thank Sherwin Williams for joining us a Full Program Sponsor.

What Now?

Now, we do 2014. PtF has a very busy spring schedule, and it is quickly growing. We continue to develop our Private Paint Contractor Training program, and we have multiple school dates set up in March and beyond. There will be some bigger announcements coming soon on that front. We will also be appearing as clinicians at JLC Live in Providence in March with Festool. And we will continue the video series’ that we have been collaborating with both Festool and Graco on.

Our official sponsor lineup now includes:

Full Program Sponsors

  • FestoolUSA
  • Graco, Inc.
  • Sherwin Williams

Associate Sponsors

  • Erecta-Rack
  • Armed Workwear

2014 is going to be an exciting year in paint industry education.

Stay With Us!

We have made it very easy for people to see what we are up to.

Look for daily updates at:

Thanks again to Sherwin Williams, and all of our industry sponsors for stepping up for kids.




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  1. chris says:

    Scott, congrats to you and Todd for building this program, look forward to seeing the future generations of painters benefit from programs like this!

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